About Bulgar Display of Power

Vesko & Furni

The BDoP project is formed by Vesko Kountchev in his subconscious before he was born in Sofia (Bulgaria). Later Jorge Furni came to fulfill the desire to bulgarize and make minds crazy when the people hear the sounds of his cello.

BDoP is specialized in fumigating brains and minds, causing heart attacks and spills. With words it is very difficult to describe our music, instead, we invite you to taste it soon!

The musicians who have participated in the recording are:

Vesko Kountchev: lead vocals, viola, acoustic guitar, percussion, and programming.
Tirtha Tomas Rundquist: guitars, double bass, backing vocals, tres cubano, piano, percussion, and programming.
Dani Tejedor: drums
Jorge Fournadjiev: cello and shouting at the devil
Antonio Nuñez Crespo: bass

All musicians are highly incredible talents humbly said, who has participated as studio musicians, live musicians with groups such as Undrop, Ñu, Obus, Macaco, and Hamlet.

The album is HERE. Get yours today! JULY 10th 2021.

Thanks to each one of the people who have gone through our life.

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